Tiny Tim, Who & Why?

Who is Tiny Tim and Why Did We Choose Him?


Joey began a hobby perfecting his family toffee recipe. When this deliciously, light and crunchy toffee covered with fresh almonds and creamy gourmet chocolate was finally perfected, Tiny Tim’s Candies began and later grew into a small business which has now gone national. We chose “Tiny Tim” to remind all of us about little “Tiny Tim” from The Christmas Carol story, and all those, like Tiny Tim and his family, who are less fortunate, and remember to support them because tomorrow it could be us.

That is the reason why Tiny Tim’s Candies donates Ten Percent of all profits directly to families with injured children, broken homes, and the ever increasing unemployed who have one or more children. 

"There was Tim, Full of life and so very joyful despite his illness."

Tiny Tim (real name “Timothy Cratchit”) is a fictional character in the classic story A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. He is the son of Bob Cratchit. It is claimed that the character is based on the invalid son of a friend of Dickens who owned a cotton mill in Ardwick, Manchester.

When Scrooge is visited by The Ghost of Christmas Present he is shown just how ill Tim really is, and that Tim will die unless he receives medical treatment. When visited by The Ghost of Christmas Future, all he sees of Tim is his crutch, as Tim has died. This, and several other visions, lead Scrooge to reform his miserly ways. At the end of the story, Dickens makes it explicit that Tim did not die, and Scrooge became a “second father” to him. In other versions of The Christmas Carol, Tim Cratchit eventually gained health by Scrooge’s money, and later became a successful businessman.

The moral of this story has inspired Tiny Tim’s Candies to share 10% of its profits from the first stages of its business conception, to remind us all that life is sweeter when we share.

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