Community Stories

Tiny Tim’s is so much more than delicious Almond and Traditional English Toffee—even the name was chosen with a special purpose (visit our Who & Why page for more details). Tiny Tim is about community, charity, service, thanksgiving, giving back and paying forward.

We have a collection of stories and examples of how others have used Tiny Tim’s Candies to improve their community, encourage charity, fundraise for special events and give back. If you have a story to share, please share your comments and feedback and let us know!

Community Stories
Tiny Tim

Diapers All Around!

Meet Michelle – wife, homemaker, and mother of 3 (under 4 years old). When Michelle and her husband learned they were going to have their 4th bundle of Joy, they were both excited and overwhelmed. The prospects of another baby in diapers felt a little daunting.  Michelle dreads the idea of baby showers due to her shy personality, but her husband insists on free diapers! With the help of someone from their church, a wonderful idea was had – they created a “Diaper Raffle” for everyone to participate in gifting

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