"Tiny Tim's Toffee is the perfect gift all year round!"

At Tiny Tim’s Candies we produce a traditional English toffee unlike any other. Our almond toffee secret is a unique family recipe that uses a perfect blend of ingredients and a special mixing technique few can master.  Unlike being “produced” in a factory with hundreds of other pounds of “product”, Tiny Tim personally makes each batch of butter almond toffee in small quantities and insures consistency and quality of his ingredients, and of the delicious gourmet toffee you consume.
Both the Traditional English Toffee and Almond Toffee has an enticing flavor very rich, yet light and unlike any other.  These almond toffee candies are initially crunchy, and immediately melts away; a distinct difference from traditional toffees that tend to be hard or chewy.

Try our delicious toffee recipes which usually use just 1/2 pound of our gourmet, handmade toffee!

Winter time or Summer time, enjoy this
Gourmet Almond Encrusted English Toffee!

Each batch of our award-winning almond toffee and butter toffee is carefully prepared and packaged by hand to ensure you receive the very best handmade toffee.  We combine fresh dairy Butter, Sugar, California Sweet Almonds, and fine Ambrosia Chocolate, yielding our signature taste sensation.

Both our Almond Toffee and the English Toffee looks tempting when arranged in a candy dish or given as a hostess party gift.

Brighten up the day for your favorite military personnel, college student, co-worker, child’s teacher, or family and friends with Gourmet Toffee Gifts.

Warning, Side effects may include:
Immediate satisfaction
A fulfilling happiness
Desire to do good
Lack of toffee-sharing spirit
Mouth watering for more
A giving spirit for anything but your toffee

If any of these symptoms occur and last longer than four days, contact us for an immediate prescription of two pieces of Almond Encrusted English Toffee twice a day for a week.